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Buy from Businesses That Support Our Schools

Parents – Raise Money For Your School by Buying From Local Businesses

Use the search box above to find local businesses that support our schools. We support local schools by donating 51% of our advertising revenue to schools and parent associations (PTAs) and paying UK taxes.

Did you know that every time you do a Google search or write a TrustPilot review you help make a faceless corporation richer? These “tax-efficient” companies contribute almost nothing to support our schools. Now there is a choice: use Support My School to find suppliers, buy goods and services and write reviews.  Make a difference by using Support My School instead of Google.

For Schools & PTAs: School Fundraising

  • Monthly income for your school fund
  • Build community
  • Save your parents money

Learn more yourself or tell a friend or colleague.

For Businesses: Advertise to Parents

  • 51% of your net payment is donated to your favourite school
  • Reduce your dependence on Google, Facebook and Checkatrade
  • Great reviews make parents into your sales force

Support your school and increase your sales. See our plans.

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Raise Funds By Shopping

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